2018 Honda Accord First Drive Review

April 2, 2018

2018 Honda Accord has won 10 best cars award for so many times that it’s natural to believe that it is an amazing car to ride on.

What has impressed us the most in the car is that it’s affordable, spacious, comfortable and suitable for people and things.

Speciality of this car is that it has sublime ride and handling balance, energetic power trains and genuinely upscale cabin. But with all these things there are some lows as well like it has slighted diminished its visibility and rear seat access and now there are no more V-6 thrills.

But as the time is changing versatility is most important factor for cars to maintain. The new Honda accord has a fashionable look and has front and rear hangs which allows the new car look considerably longer than it used to be. It is most elegant looking body; its front-end styling has given a handsome piece look to it.

The accord is a new mature sport sedan with a sense of harmony between its primary control and the accord engenders confidence. The steering is a bit light and short on feel but it has more relaxed tuning strikes us as an appropriate for this car.

We can’t say on what future brings, but for now the accord continues to lead the charge.