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Americans are busier now than they have ever been. Most consumers search for the car they want, on average, for almost a year before they decide to make their purchase. They also want to buy the car they want with the options they desire, without having to spend a long time at the dealership. That’s why Car Dealership Locator is so convenient. Shoppers can browse local stores without the pressure of filling out contact forms.

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How can dealerships benefit from Car Dealership Locator? In several ways actually, most notably the elimination of third-party leads. These can be dead ends that don’t result in conversions. First-generation leads are a much more effective way of delivering consumers to your dealership and driving sales. Shoppers do not want to deal with their information being given to third-party companies they do not trust. They would rather give their information directly to the dealership they plan to purchase from.

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Registering your dealership with Car Dealership Locator allows your store to have direct access to buyers. It also increases the visibility of your dealership in search engine results. That way you can be top of mind when people are shopping for their next automobile.

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