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What should I buy OEM parts or Aftermarket parts?

March 11, 2020

When you’ve invested your hard-earned income in acquiring the car. At the time of repairing and maintenance, it comes as a tough choice to choose between OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Choosing between OEM and aftermarket parts entirely depends on your budget.

The accidents and excessive wear and tear of parts lead to the purchase of OEM and aftermarket parts. You can either invest your money in both of the parts to get your vehicle repaired.

OEM parts are manufacturers parts that come with the warranty while aftermarket parts are less reliable. The purchase of parts depends upon how severe your damage how it can affect the vehicle in the long run. The OEM parts will be a suitable option to acquire as they come with a warranty that helps if any failure emergence in the vehicle’s parts. Let’s learn how these differ and create an impact on your vehicle.

What are the aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are not directly linked from the car manufacturer’s parts. These parts are direct replacement parts as they don’t have a car’s warranty. There are a number of companies present in the market deals in car parts and in some cases these parts are better than original.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

oem and aftermarket

Original equipment manufacturers are the parts are made by the manufacturer, not the third party as well as provide make and models of every car which fit perfectly at the time of replacement of parts. However, OEM parts are quite expensive than aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by third parties and they are vast in number which fit in every type of vehicle as they’re not limited to one make and model. They work the same as OEM parts but we cannot rely on them for a long duration also they are cheaper to acquire.

What are the pros and cons of OEM parts?

The OEM parts are designed by the original car manufacturers. These parts match every make and model designed by the company.


● Quality assurance

The OEM parts are the same as the replacement parts that you were previously using. It provides us the peace of mind as we are driving the same part we used to do earlier which delivers the same performance.

● Availability of parts

You can easily acquire the parts at any authorized dealerships without troubling about the quality of different brands.

● Assured warranty

Car parts come with the manufacturer’s warranty for one year. At the time of repairing the vehicles at the dealership, you’ll see the dealer alongside with the labor.


● Higher costs

OEM parts are more expensive than aftermarket parts as they cost 60 percent more at the time of replacement of parts. In the selling of parts and services, it increases the burden on dealership’s profit as it showcases the under performance of the sales department.

● It can be only purchased at dealerships

There are a number of options available to buy OEM parts i.e online sellers, e-bay, etc but almost individuals visit dealerships for the same to buy the car parts. Even local mechanic or dealerships can provide you the OEM parts but it would take more time and the vehicle will be repaired late.

What are the pros and cons of aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are made by different companies than their original manufacturers. The mindset of the people runs about aftermarket parts is they are of lesser quality than the OEM parts which certainly means cheap. However, the quality of aftermarket parts has been improved from past years which shows they’re the same as OEM parts.


● Lesser Prices

The price of the aftermarket parts is lesser than the OEM parts and they are cheaper to acquire. Often, you’ll find them on discount rates or at a lesser value of 40 percent.

● Different sellers

Single manufacturer means limited availability of OEM parts which leads to higher prices. The aftermarket provides the choice to choose from different automakers with more convenience. There are chances you’ll find the aftermarket version at local vendors in comparison with the OEM version. It may take time when you acquire from third party dealers as they’ve to place the order for the same.

● Quality

It depends on the car parts which you’re acquiring for replacement as it is possible to find the manufactured name aftermarket part which meets the quality as the same of OEM version.


● No warranties

OEM parts come under the manufacturer’s warranty of one year but in the case of aftermarket parts, it has sometimes warranty or no warranty. They are available at a lesser price that’s the reason the seller won’t provide the warranty.

● Variations in quality

In the wider market, there are lesser chances you’ll find more dealers in the market. More options mean the increased chance of lower quality items which isn’t a perfect fit for your vehicle. Low-quality leads to fit issues also give arises to other different issues.