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Reasons why WordPress plugins are best thing for your website

Reasons why Wordpress plugins are best for your website

At present, WordPress is the most popular platform to host websites, especially for businesses of small and medium size to get an optimized site. Around 29% of this planet’s websites run on the WordPress website platform. There is a simple reason behind this popularity and that is the abundance of plugins and tools available on a website to optimize your website in the best ways possible. WordPress gives you an array of tools and plugins to keep your SEO’s in check and make the website SEO in a friendly way. Here are the top reasons why WordPress plugins are best to use while optimizing your website:-

1. Editable Permalinks

You can easily edit the permalinks on your WordPress dashboard and it can be easily done just by opening the settings and giving the links whatever format that you want. If you format your link in the percentage style like www.hgyor.com/%x/%u… Then it becomes easy for the search engine to read what your page is all about and hence that helps in a higher SEO ranking.

2. SEO optimized images

Images are always vital to make the content of your website interesting and give it a higher SEO ranking, But for SEO ranking, high-quality images are required and WordPress gives you the maximum exposure that you need to optimize your images. You can go and add an alternate text box and fill the description of the image, change the resolution and size of the image and can even do editing in some cases. All in all, this makes the site faster and more user experience friendly which gives it a higher SEO ranking.

3. Mobile Optimization

In today’s world where most of the internet traffic goes through mobile phones, building a mobile phone friendly site is a necessity. If you use WordPress, there is nothing to worry about because most of the themes and the templates of WordPress sites are already mobile phone friendly. It even lets you see the preview even when you are working on PC and ensures that the mobile applications and websites are running smoothly even on tablets and mobiles.

4. Social Media Integration

In this age of the Internet and Social Media, not being able to connect to your consumer audience through the way of Social Media is like committing suicide even before starting with your business. If you engage people by the way of social media, your rankings will be higher and your site will get more clicks and views which will benefit your company at last. You can install and choose from hundreds of WordPress plugins that will do work from sharing your post on your social media handles to even help you run your social media campaigns.

5. Site Speed

The speed of your site is not a ranking factor but the speed at which your site loads matters for an overall user experience because you don’t want a user to wait while your site is loading. For those using WordPress, site speed should not be a problem because there are many fast loading themes and plugins specifically made for the purpose.

Find a Used Car to Buy and Save Money!

Find a Used Car to Buy

Owning a car can be expensive. This is because the price of owning a car does not only translate to how much you paid for it. It includes many other factors such as the insurance you have, maintenance, cost of gas, and even the state you live in! As you cannot ignore the fact that you need a vehicle to get around, you must consider a highly economical solution.You should find a used car to buy to minimize the financial burden!

The following are some iron-clad reasons why you should find a used car to buy:

1. Used cars are more affordable

Let us begin with the most pertinent reason – used cars are more affordable than new ones. However, this does not mean that pre-owned cars cannot offer you the same benefits as newer, flashier models. If you get in touch with the best dealers to buy a used car, you will notice that they do their due-diligence before offering any model. They ensure that the car is safe to use, repaired (if previously damaged), and has all its paperwork.

2. The value of new cars depreciates quickly!

Did you know that the value of a new car depreciates almost by 50% within the first few years of its life? On the other hand, the value of a second hand car stays more or less constant after a point, unless it gets severely damaged. More a logical point of new, there really is no need to shell out huge amounts of money for a new car! Moreover, the best dealers to buy a used car will also offer price discounts that make the purchase even more affordable.

3. Used cars come with lower insurance costs

Car insurance is a vital necessity. Even if you buy a used car, you must insure it. The good news is that insurance companies offer lower insurance costs for pre-owned cars. This is because the first thing any insurance company analyses is the value of the item being insured. As cars tend to decrease in value the older they get, insurance companies can get away with offering lower costs to clients! This way, you save money in more than one way!

There’s no denying that a car is a basic necessity. However, it is equally vital to manage your finances responsibly.  That doesn’t mean you compromise on getting a car! Just go out and buy pre-owned vehicles instead!

Buy your vehicles from local car traders!

Buy your vehicles from local car traders

Most of us want to save money wherever it is possible – even while making a purchase! However, certain purchases like cars can be wildly expensive and throw a spanner in your financial plans. Well, there’s no need to worry about that. If you are looking for a good deal, used cars can often be the best way to have your cake and eat it too! Explore the options available at local car traders and enjoy the following benefits that come with it:

Certified vehicles

Buying any vehicle is a major decision. However, buying it from a trusted source can do away with half your concerns. You do not have to worry about the authenticity of the vehicle, how well it functions and its safety. This is because professional and trustworthy dealers (like us) ensure that all the prerequisite safety tests and paperwork are in order.

Better deals

Local car traders offer more lucrative deals than private sellers. This is because a private seller looking to sell his car may not be as aware of the market scenarios as a professional. A private seller’s main aim is to try and make back some of the money spent on the car. On the other hand, a professional dealer understands concepts like value depreciation, market value, and competing car models. By analysing all of this, a dealer can offer you a price that gives you more value for money.

An array of options

Car dealerships have a number of vehicles to offer. As a consumer, having a wide array of options for to choose from can help you make informed decisions. It can make you open up to options you didn’t realize even existed. Local dealerships can offer a good deal, used cars, and expert opinions on what choices you should make!

Test-drives in your locality

Buying a car from local car traders near you helps you test-drive the vehicle through the same locality you intend to use it in. This can help you understand the dynamics of the car in a better way. This can be extremely beneficial when you buy a used car. Moreover, you can also better understand how the car fits into your world and stop yourself from making impulse decisions!

If you are looking to get a vehicle and want to save money at the same time, consider buying pre-owned cars.

Best Ways to make Customers come back to your website

In this digital and social media age, with the coming up of so many sites on the internet in each genre due to the ever so growing internet usage, the most important thing after making someone visit your website is to keep them coming back to it. Customer/ consumer retention has become the name of the game just like normal businesses because Internet is the norm of the day. If you are wondering how you can ensure that you retain people on your website, then you have come to the right side, here is a list of the best ways you can follow to ensure customer retention for your website.

1. Make your website easy to use

Perhaps one of the most fundamental things, making your website easily accessible and usable is the most important thing. It is important to ensure that the user doesn’t have to think what to do if they visit your site, they should already know what to do next or it should be visible, plus make your website in mobile category as well because these days Internet is accessed by mobile a lot more than it is accessed by desktops and laptops.

2. Site Search

Not many people like to browse through tons and tons of options to really get to what they want, in this fast forward life where everyone is really busy, it is really important to provide a search button which can search your site so that the site visitor gets what he/she wants instantly. Doing this ensures that even if you don’t have a perfectly organized list, the user can find whatever he/she wants really easily without doing extra effort.

3. Keep the content up to date

The last thing someone wants when visiting a website is outdated content. If you keep everything up to date, customers and potential customers will have it in mind that your website content is always up to date and they’ll visit the website first before any other website and this will in turn ensure greater customer retention for you.

4. The Design of your website should be easy to the eye

Having a design which is really aesthetic and easy to the eye is really important. You don’t want a potential customer to look your website and only disgust the color scheme or the design scheme because the design is really pinching in his/her eyes. The best way to ensure this is to use mild colors and mild designs which are acceptable to all or just put up some popular designs and colors. The best thing to do is use cool colors which will de-stress the eyes of those visiting the website.

5. Mail out Newsletters

Keep your customers and visitors engaged by mailing them newsletters, this will ensure that they get the latest updates about your website daily. This will ensure that you always have a chance of them availing your facility once they find some worthwhile for themselves.

Things You Must Know about the New Mercedes Inline-Six

The new Mercedes Inline-six is introduces with a six cylinder engine that’s brand new for the ground ups; it has also incorporated an electrical motor for electrically assisted propulsion.

Here are some more interesting things about this car;

It has nine decades of six-cylinder history- Mercedes has a history of inline six cylinder engines. The idea was to achieve design commodity between v6 and v8 engines, by reducing the cost of manufacturing.


Back to six in a row- the new engine goes back to the traditional inline layout along with its inherent perfect primary and secondary balance, making it even smoother than before.  The inline design also reduces the number of parts in the engine which leads in reducing the friction.


An electric supercharger- this electric driven turbocharger boosts the engine before the turbo spools up. This supercharger uses a centrifugal flow compressor which develops a peak boost pressure. This is enough to provide strong engine response while the turbo gets up to speed.


No accessory drive- with small and lighter electric motors the usual accessory dispensed engine can be drives at the front of the engine, without replacing it with another alternator. Therefore, having no accessory drive slices about two inches from the length of the engine, largely offsetting the thickness of the integrated motor.

The List of Cheapest New Cars of 2018

2018 Toyota Yaris L Hatchback- A budget car that feels every bit of its low price, the Yaris is an amazing thought in a competitive market. Good visibility and the standard Toyota Entune infotainment system are some of the Yaris’s best features which makes it best.


2018 Nissan Versa Note S– beautiful style, comfy back seat, and an amazing fuel economy are enough make a car look promising.


018 Chevrolet Sonic LS SedanChevrolet’s handsome Sonic offers practicality, efficiency, and agility in a compact package. Its standard 1.8-liter four teams with a five-or six-speed automatic transmission are good for coming up.


2018 Ford Fiesta S Sedan- Although the Fiesta might be small but still it is mighty fierce. An engaging five-speed manual comes standard; an optional six-speed automatic sacrifices little driving fun. Steering is crisp and well weighted, and it is playful in the corners.


2018 Nissan Versa – The Versa is built to be America’s cheapest car, so if you want a cheap new car, here it is; if you like to drive, keep shopping. It is quite fuel efficient.

Models equipped with the continuously variable automatic transmission are rated for 39 mpg on the highway, but the five-speed manual is a bit more fun to drive.