You Must Know about Mercedes Inline-Six

April 2, 2018

The new Mercedes Inline-six is introduces with a six cylinder engine that’s brand new for the ground ups; it has also incorporated an electrical motor for electrically assisted propulsion.

Here are some more interesting things about this car;

It has nine decades of six-cylinder history- Mercedes has a history of inline six cylinder engines. The idea was to achieve design commodity between v6 and v8 engines, by reducing the cost of manufacturing.


Back to six in a row- the new engine goes back to the traditional inline layout along with its inherent perfect primary and secondary balance, making it even smoother than before.  The inline design also reduces the number of parts in the engine which leads in reducing the friction.


An electric supercharger- this electric driven turbocharger boosts the engine before the turbo spools up. This supercharger uses a centrifugal flow compressor which develops a peak boost pressure. This is enough to provide strong engine response while the turbo gets up to speed.


No accessory drive- with small and lighter electric motors the usual accessory dispensed engine can be drives at the front of the engine, without replacing it with another alternator. Therefore, having no accessory drive slices about two inches from the length of the engine, largely offsetting the thickness of the integrated motor.